An Empty Envelope

I carry her name with a heart besides it.
Her tears still feel fresh on my skin from when she wept as she took out the last letter he ever wrote to her.
It’s one of those nights when I lie besides her bed empty as she reads his last words.
I will never know whether my emptiness completes her or breaks her, for once I carried the love of a martyr.

~Sanjana Deshpande

P.S.: This is something I wrote for Terribly Tiny Tales when they had put out a link with different topics to write on. This one was about “What’s going on in the mind of an empty envelope?”


His Boulevard

With a lot on his mind and very little left in his soul
He hurried and his mind rambled on a path unknown
He took a moment to look, this time alone
The path was feared less, the pseudo faces more

Oh the masks that we flaunt
They all seem to daunt
Such delusional morality
Concealed beliefs and the frailty

With emotions so cloned
Cloned and now seeped to our bones
Isn’t it exhausting now not to be yourself
Oh if only we could measure this exhaustion like our every step

To break the shackles
He’ll build more walls
For he has sinned all along
And is deaf to God’s calls

Until he finds his peace
He’ll continue to roam
HE is a human
And the path’s unknown

~Sanjana Deshpande



He tucked me into bed, kissed me on my forehead and said “And so the King and the Queen lived happily ever after. Sleep my little princess, the story is over for tonight…Goodnight.” As he turned the lights off and closed the door, my mind swayed into what the happily ever after might have been like, making up something from where he left off.

As we outgrow that curious age, we never really outrun the stories around us. The world with its intricate details is always telling us about the universe’s plan. There is a story in the excitement of a little kid, so amused by the view of birds. There is a story behind the wrinkled eyes of an old man and there’s a story in the making in the passion of young blood. Ever heard the wind whisper something in your ears?

Most of all, getting inspired and being an inspiration is what the stories have given us. Weaving the lives and works of humans for as far as we can remember and for as far as we can imagine. Embracing the myriad stories told and untold with compassion can never be worthless.

We’ve just grown up and found a different vision towards life, to write for ourselves and to make sure that every page in that book is a part of us. But the storytellers are still the same. So listen out to theirs as well while you create your own. Because in the end, you won’t take just one story along with yourself to the other side, will ya?

~Sanjana Deshpande

Escaping Alive

Smoke burns my throat on its way out
It warms me on this cold night
Yet how can it warm my cold heart
So dauntlessly ready to prey.

Sitting on this lousy couch
With a cigarette in one hand
And a knife in the other
I am still unsure what burns my fingers more.

Her silhouette is the last vision I’ll carry
As my hollow soul escapes
With the blood finally.

The color of blood is sure so fascinating
I can’t differentiate anymore
Which is hers which is mine.

As we lie besides each other for one last time
In dying I finally feel alive
We just wanted a new life
One without a cause
May be next time we won’t be so lost
Lost coming out of our thoughts.

~Sanjana Deshpande

P.S.: Don’t try this shit at home 😛

Just a thought…

” The world breaks everyone. But later on some get stronger at the broken places.”

Probably one of the best quotes I have read till date. Why?
Don’t we all connect to it in our own ways? It strikes a very ardent note.
We’ve all been broken, scarred by a lot more than we expected to. But what good are we if we don’t come out of a storm drenched, a little cold, a little lost and yet a lot more mature to find our way back. So that the next time we face it, we’ll be a new person superior to the same storm.

Nothing in this world would always work in your favor. It will break you at the smallest of the places and mend you on the most unexpected days. And more than often you will break yourself. But when you know how to live through it and make the best out of it, no one will be the master that you are.

~Sanjana Deshpande

What I am saying has probably been said a lot and may be very generic. And may be at times too hopeful too. But it has been stuck in my mind for quite sometime now and I had to get it out.

The Three Day Quote Challenge

Hi! So before you jump to a conclusion about this post, let me clarify. Although a three day challenge, I shall probably not be able to post for the next few days. So I shall be doing the same in one post here.
Thank you so much Adhi for nominating me for this one! Honestly loved the idea! So I’ve chosen 3 quotes that I really liked. And here they go…

Life-Quotes-20.jpg My interpretation: What happened with us before and what we dream of for our future do form the real us. You learn from your past, try and create your future and live for the present. However, no matter how important all of this might be, how we interpret all of this within ourselves right now at this very moment matters way more than any of it. How it affects us and our perception towards the smallest and the biggest things in life has a larger impact. True-Life-Quotes.jpg My interpretation: Well this one just clicked well. As a person who probably cares too much about some aspects of her life than others, this one has a lot to teach. The more you care, the more you worry, the more you end up killing the essence of anything and everything. Another one in reference to any person would be that the more you care and give all of yourself to someone who doesn’t appreciate it and reciprocates the same way, the more chances you’ll end up losing yourself. (This one can have multiple interpretations, I have like another 10 in my mind!) jbCv3.jpg.jpg My interpretation: Oh this movie! When all is lost, hope still lives. Hope is something we all can always hold on too. As humans we never accept something we don’t want easily. And when we do accept it, it is because somewhere down there lives the hope of getting what we want. (not referring to materialistic aspect specifically). Hope never dies. It should never die. It will always motivate you and if not that, then at least help you survive another mile with some spark left in you!

My nominations: 1. Kathan 2. Shitij 3. A

Challenge rules:

  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day

Would love to see you guys put up some great stuff! Sorry for not exactly going by the rules!



The #GirlLove Challenge

image1Hello everyone! I was nominated by Adhi for The #GirlLove Challenge. Thank you so much Adhi! For all those who have seen the video, you know what this is about. Yet for the ones who haven’t, it is a movement against Girl on Girl hate. Please do watch the video.

And what is Girl on Girl hate? Let’s be honest. Every one of us has at some point passed unnecessary judgments regarding the size, color, nature, looks of another girl. And frankly I have done it too. Is it jealousy? Are we envious? Or are we just doing that to make ourselves feel better? Well it’s all of it and much more.
In a world where we are fighting for equality and standing by fellow women to make a mark in this man’s world, we more than often tend to beat the cause by bringing down each other through the unreasonable disliking about most of the materialistic aspects of another girl. I am not talking about supporting each other, but you can at least start by having an open mind and accepting the fact that someone can be better that you and not look at them as a competition you wouldn’t play fair but as an inspiration. Let’s not pull each other down while trying to climb up the glory ladder, it will lead you to an empty sky with no one besides you.

The woman who inspires me? Well a lot of them. Can fictional character count as one? I guess so. (since we humans are more inspired by fiction half our lives). So it’s Tris Prior from the Divergent series. Yes the emotional aspect of her which becomes her strength in a world falling apart showed how strong any girl in any situation can be and that somehow inspired me. Then there are a lot of women, my mom, Jennifer Lawrence, Lilly Singh and a few more friends and colleagues.

The video sure is inspirational and something worth thinking about. Some change I need to bring in myself too. And frankly, Girl on Girl hate can be eliminated and it starts with yourself!

My Nominations:
1) A – She writes amazingly well! I can easily relate to every one of her posts. It’s more like a part of my emotional self put out in the most beautiful way!
2) Allison Nicole – One of the best poetry bloggers on WordPress I must say! Such inspiration! Her poems are truly engrossing.
3) Harnidh – Avid blogger! No Return Without Receipt and Drowning are my favorite from her blog!
The CWW #GirlLove Challenge:
1) Each nominee must write at least a paragraph about a women, be it someone from your family, friend circle, or a celebrity, but you should write about how much a source of inspiration they are.
2) After completing this task, you should put down a number ( your wish) of nominees ( lady bloggers) and write something sweet about them and then ask them to complete this challenge.

Do watch the video since all the money raised goes to the Malala Fund to educate young Syrian girls!